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Ayyyeee the names Olivea but I go by Olive. Bios arent really my thing so follow me.
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I need somewhere to let my emotions out. That was, in the first place what my tumblr page was supposed to be about. To rant about my emotions,  and let my feelings out about who I hate. Then my “friends” found my page and I had to stop ranting. Then I just became obsessed and now I’m here again to rant. So what am I ranting about exactly? Lets see I’ve lost almost all of middle school friends except for Alexis, Jasmine, Cayleah, Alisha, and Trisha. I gained friends like Amanda, Cory, Jarrett, Alex, and Taylor. Ive lost friends like Chelsea, Ambria and Celina. And I’m perfectly fine with it all. I found the best thing in my life who is Camryn. He’s my perfect boy. Ambria says I was too young to give my everything to him and I could give two flying fucks. She was an 8th grader so she has no room to talk. I’ve changed so much over the past year in bith good and bad ways. I’ve found my place I think and I love my life. I have all I need and thats all I could ask for. My decisions might be stupid sometimes but I wouldn’t have Camryn still. I want him forever…


my mom doesn’t even text me back

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